Entwined Urnes Serpents T-Shirt

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The Urnes style is one of the most elegant found within Viking art. Inspired by the graceful curves found on the doors of the Urnes Stave church, you will often find animals hiding within the knots.

In this stunning Urnes style piece by Villkat Arts, you can see entwined serpents with their fangs bared. The serpent is found throughout Viking mythology, especially in the form of the Midgard serpent Jörmungandr who will struggle to the end with Thor during Ragnarök.  


Material & Make

This t-shirt is printed in the UK on ethically sourced 100% organic cotton. The design is rendered in the highest quality of detail for sharpness and longevity of wear.

For more information about our commitment to sustainability, you can keep up to date with what we are doing within the collective on our environmental page.

About The Artist

Inspired by the Ancients, Villkat describes his art as "a journey of re-discovering Northern European heritage from within. Moved by the mystery of the standing stones and the legacy of Celtic & Norse art and symbolism, paired with the spiritual & shamanic practices they may have had". See more of the art ash has created for Northern Fire here    

Size & Dimensions

This AS T-Shirt is designed to fit so if you prefer a looser fitting T-Shirt, we would recommend considering the next size up.

UK/EU Size

US Size

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38" / 97 cm



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In the picture, Richard is wearing a large and Lara a small. 

Please check the dimensions are correct for you as sizes differ between regions.