Ed Gamester: A Rum Run Awry

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We are proud to announce we now have limited numbers of this brilliant book co-written by our good friend Ed Gamester available! For those of you who don't know Ed, he is a man who does things... An actor, wrestler, musician, strongman and founder of the guild - if you don't already, you can follow him here.

"Mythical adventurer, Alexander McCuba, is a burly, bearded, simple-minded man of the Guild of Adventurers. Whilst on a prestigious quest to harvest the rum of the Great Extravaganza, he attempts to fight the sea - and ends up marooned on a mysterious island.

A Rum Run Awry is McCuba's personal diary from the island. Entry by hilarious entry, it documents his baffling experiences with the curious inhabitants of the land, their bizarre customs and his own struggles with homesickness, madness and lack-of-rum...ness. The log book has been printed exactly as it was found, complete with all McCuba's scribbles, sketches and stains, plus a hundred pages of glorious vibrant illustrations that immerse us in his technicolour adventure.

Some pages are detailed descriptions of the new world around him; others are manic scrawls across the pages - the rantings of a man losing his mind. This is the first time such a diary has been made publicly available, and it is easy to see why. It takes a brave person to strike out into a new land; it takes an even braver person to try and understand the workings of a mind like Alexander McCuba. This isn't a book, it's a quest."


Material & Make

Printed in a hardback, the book you receive will be packaged in a protective cardboard book mailer.

Features text and illustrations.


About The Author

For anyone who doesn't know Ed, he is a man who does things. In his life, he has been a strongman, a wrestler, an actor, musician and author and generally great to be around!

More recently, he has turned his hand to painting as well and you can see more of his works of art and literature on Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

Approximately A5