Druidic Mistletoe Ritual

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Sean made this image based on a particularly striking description of a Druidic ritual.

 The cutting of the mistletoe.

“The authenticity of this account is extremely dubious, but so little was actually written down about the druids (if they existed at all), that this particular account has become quite famous. 

A Roman writer by the name of Pliny the Elder describes the scene in a single passage in his book of natural history. Other details in the image are inspired by various accounts of the druids as well as classical Celtic styles. 

Unless new information and finds are discovered to teach us more about this legendary religious order, they will remain almost a complete mystery to us. But that’s one of the reasons we find them so mystifying right?”

We have chosen to recreate this design as a fine art giclée print to maintain the best quality of colour reproduction and the results are really outstanding.

Size: A3

As these are archival quality fine art prints please handle them with care, preferably only touching the edges and we recommend mounting them in a frame behind glass.