Draugaskald: Volume I



"These are my offerings to you.

Blood-sagas; cell-woven

bone-hewn, whispers in the vein.

With every word I bleed I grow

more powerful,

I bleed gods and cities into the black earth


Written by Sofie Draheim (@draugaskald on Instagram), this books encapsulates the esoteric and ancient methods of storytelling so loved by those impassioned by Nordic literature.

In Sofie's words:

The first volume in a planned series of short story and poetry collections, inspired by the pagan beliefs, folklore and mythology of ancient Northern Europe, as well as dark fantasy of the author's own inventions.

I am finally delighted to share with you the culmination of months and months of hard work, with a beautiful cover illustration by Jakub Vaniš (@theravenfromthenorth) and an inside illustration by Joan Llopis Doménech. The bindrune logo that you can find on the back was put together by Sean Parry, based on the author's own bindrune design. All other illustrations are by me, and there are plenty, some based on fantasy and some inspired by historical designs!

Many of the tales contained within will seem familiar to those interested in Norse mythology and skaldic poetry, of which I have tried to mimic its metres in some of the poems contained here, whilst some tales belong to a larger fantasy world in which future novels of mine are fated to take place.


Material & Make

The book is of a unique and unusual composition, with white text printed upon black pages, vibrant white and red illustrations and beautifully atmospheric typeset within.

Black page material of limited quantity have a more glossy finish but makes for much more durable pages, less prone to damage and dog-earing.

Because you are purchasing a book of limited quantity produced by a small-scale, local printers as opposed to a mass produced print-on-demand product, you may find some small signs of this such as visible binding and tiny glue marks - this is all a natural consequence of the process and shows that you have chosen to support a small business!

Beautifully foiled red serpent on the cover with a shining finish.

Cased hardcover book. 

Product photography by Ulvdottern 


Size & Dimensions

Width 156.5 x Height 232 mm / 6 x 9 inches