Hand Wound Silver Arm Ring

  • £100.00

These sterling silver arm rings have been created by Tim Hodge in North Wales. As all arm rings are hand made and no modern machinery has been used in their creation. There may be slight variations to the one pictured for this reason.

During the Viking period, arm rings were used to demonstrate allegiance between a lord and his warriors or as a symbol of a young man coming of age. They would also be a highly sought trophy of battle and a great warrior may bear many rings of the foes he has defeated.

This arm ring is purposefully designed to be comfortable to wear on a daily bases and doesn’t have sharp edges that will catch on clothing or skin. The band is hand twisted to allow movement and durability over time, but still, it should not be misshapen too much or too often. 

Please note, you may be required to pay import duties on this item depending on the rules of your country. 

This band measures 5.5-6 inches in length and can be adjusted with gentle pressure by the wearer.