Colin Dale Artists Bundle

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Gold On Black
Black & Red On Khaki
Black & Gold On Khaki

We have gathered together a collection of Colin's work so you can purchase his art in a variety of forms through this bundle. You will receive:

- A limited edition hand finished T-shirt. The design on the t-shirt is hand printed by Sean Parry at the Northern Fire studio and each and every one will be unique as they will have slightly different blood splatters!

- An A4 art print of Colin's work

- An enamel pin displaying the logo of Colin's tattoo studio Skin & Bone

- Postcards and stickers


The piece of art on this limited edition T-Shirt by Colin Dale features the well known Viking deity Thor.

He has chosen to portray Thor in the style of the famous Vitruvian Man drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci, from the 15th Century. Da Vinci was inspired by a Roman architect called Vitruvius who had written a guide to creating perfect proportion during construction and wanted to explore the same ideas within the human anatomy.

It is fitting that the immaculately proportioned Thunder God is depicted within the coils of the Midgard Serpent, Jormungandr, as his coils were supposed to encircle the world. 


Product Information: 

All designs are sharp, high quality screen prints on ethically sourced organic cotton using water based inks. For more information on why we have chosen these environmentally friendly options, you can read more here.

This SOLS Organic T-Shirt is designed to fit so if you prefer a looser fitting T-Shirt, we would recommend considering the next size up.

Please check the size guide as we use more than one type of T-Shirt!


Unisex Size Guide - Chest (to fit): 

UK/EU Size
US Size  Dimensions
Small XS
37" / 94 cm
Medium Small
39" / 97 cm
Large Medium
42" / 107 cm
XL Large
44" / 112 cm
XXL XL 46" / 117 cm


In the pictures, Sean is wearing a large. Please check the dimensions are correct for you as sizes differ between regions.