Celtic Sunwheel Wooden Plate

  • £65.00

This one of a kind product was created by Villkat Arts exclusively for Northern Fire! The design of the Celtic Sunwheel was burned onto the plate using a pyrography pen and as only one of these will ever be made, this is a truly unique piece of art.

The sun wheel is an ancient symbol which is still a powerful symbol today. The design is broken up into four parts which are believed to represent the four seasons of a solar year.

Other interpretations have suggested that these parts relate to the four points on a compass… but we will let you decide what it means to you!


Material & Make

The use of fire to manipulate natural materials is one of the most ancient forms of artistry. Pyrography has been discovered on artefacts globally such as bone, wood, leather, and even stone.

Each piece is uniquely one of a kind, having been hand worked by the artisan to compliment the dimension of the design and respect the natural grain of the wood.


About The Artist

Villkat is Inspired by the Ancients and describes his art as "a journey of re-discovering Northern European heritage from within. Moved by the mystery of the standing stones and the legacy of Celtic & Norse art and symbolism, paired with the spiritual & shamanic practices they may have had".

You can see more of Ash's artwork on Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

The diameter of the Celtic Sunwheel plate is 22cm (8.5 inches)