Celtic Triskele | Enamel Pin

  • £10.00

This enamel pin by Sacred Knot Tattoo contains a triskele from a bronze disc brooch that can be visited in the National Museums of Ireland. Dating to the 6th or 7th CE, this brooch likely belonged to an elite Celtic Iron Age warrior. Tales of Irish mythology, such as the Táin, share detailed clothing descriptions of the Celtic warriors involved, almost always mentioning a gleaming brooch pinned at one or both shoulders.

The triskele on the original artifact is nearly worn away, but has brought to life by Sean in this modern enamel pin.


Material & Make

Our pins are crafted in solid metal with enamel detailing and a sturdy pin for security of closure and longevity.


About The Artist

Sean Parry is the owner and lead artist of Sacred Knot Tattoo, as well as a founding member of the Northern Fire Art Collective. He specialises in Celtic and Nordic arts and lives and works from his hometown of Llandudno in North Wales. Sean’s projects incorporate knotwork, swirls, and beasts inspired and mirroring those found in the historical record - a reflection of his passion for archaeology and ancient iconography. Though he is well known for his mastery as a tattooist, his work with paint, leather, and precious metals are also part of his artistic endeavours.

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Size & Dimensions

Approximately 1.4 inches (3.5 cm) across.