Nordic Pyrography Hammer

This one of a kind product was created by Villkat Arts exclusively for Northern Fire! The Norse hammer design was burned onto the box using a pyrography pen and as only one of these will ever be made, this is a truly unique piece of art.

The hammer is one of the best known symbols associated with the Viking age. Wielded by Thor, the guardian of Asgard, the symbol has endured and captured the imagination through films and graphic novels in the modern age.

In Norse mythology, Thor was a mighty warrior who fought the enemies of Asgard with his hammer Mjolnir which would always return to his hand even once thrown. In the Viking age, Thor was a god of the people. Unlike Odin, who nonetheless would have been respected by everyone, Thor was more flawed and relatable. He was the guardian of Asgard, and farmers found have prayed to him for rain as well as for strength in battle. 

The dimensions of the Nordic Pyrography Hammer are: 115 cm