Celtic Boar Greeting Card

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Boars are found in Celtic art across the ages. They appear in the stone carvings of ancient Pictland, the warrior helms on the Gundestrup cauldron, and are even embedded within the shining La Tène Witham Shield. Many carnyces (the trumpet-like instruments designed for organised intimidation) of the Iron Age Celts intentionally incorporate the face of these creatures. It is no wonder that boars, known for their determined attack and fierce protective qualities, were affiliated with wartime prowess. Although now extinct in the UK, the boar lives on through the art of Villkat Arts!

This card is available individually or as part of Ash's Celtic & Nordic Greeting Card Series.


Material & Make

The artwork you will receive has been printed locally to Villkat using high quality inks and paper to maintain integrity and quality of colour and image.

Your card will arrive on 250gsm uncoated art board and wrapped in protective cellophane.

Comes with an envelope included.


About The Artist

Known as Villkat Arts in his tattoo work, Ash is celebrated globally for his ability to communicate the shamanistic and spiritual components of the ancient world through his artistry. With a focus on Celtic and Nordic symbolism, Ash’s intention and energy shines through in each of his works, creating a connection between the viewer (or wearer) and the depth of meaning within these art styles. The journey of re-discovering his Northern European heritage is part of Ash’s artistic journey and can be seen in his woodwork, pyrography, painting, and tattoo work.

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Size & Dimensions

15 x 15cm (6 inches)