Bronze Sacred Knot

  • £35.00

Over and under, the knots flow, taking your eyes on the journey they follow…

Knotwork was used by the ancient Celts in Britain, as well as the Germanic tribes of Europe and many other cultures from across the world. We believe that the meaning of many of of the symbols from these times were left intentionally open to interpretation. They were intended to be meditated upon and it was down to the viewer to unravel their meanings. This is why Sean sees these as Sacred Knots:

To me, knotwork is one of the few places that we can still see magic in its raw form, as clear to us now as it would have seemed to our ancestors through the ages.” Sean Parry 2017

The Sacred Knot symbol has been cast in silver here by Connor Sweeney of Valhalla’s silver in collaboration with Sean from Sacred Knot Tattoo. 

The Knot has been cast in a traditional way that would be familiar to ancient metalworkers and is intentionally textured.