Brigid Print

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Brigid is an ancient goddess common to the Gaelic nations, and possibly further afield in Britain and Gaul.

She is associated with livestock, blacksmithing, crafting and healing magic among many other things. She has in her herds the king of sheep, Cirb, and the king of boars, Torc Triath who is hunted by Arthur in Welsh folklore.

It’s thought by some that she was important enough to be Christianised as St. Bríd, one of the patron saints of Ireland. To this day, crosses made of straw and rushes are traditionally made on the 1st of February to celebrate Imbolc, or St. Brigid’s feast day. Whether Brigid’s crosses are a Christian innovation or date to a Gaelic prehistory is up for debate but their place in rural folklore remains secure into the 21st century.

Here she is depicted as the prehistoric pagan goddess while surrounded by the artistic style of the early Celtic manuscript tradition, at the intersection of the two worlds she inhabits

Broc has chosen to reproduce his original artwork as a fine art giclée print to maintain the best quality of colour reproduction on high quality art paper and the results are really outstanding.

Size: Available in either A4 or A3

As these are archival quality fine art prints please handle them with care, preferably only touching the edges and we recommend mounting them in a frame behind glass.