Bindrune Scape | Canvas Art Print


The Blue Rune Scape original painting by Villkat Arts is the first is a series of small circular pieces reproduced on canvas. These are intuitive pieces with illuminated bindrunes, glowing in forest horizons and mystical space skyscapes. These are open to make your own perceptions of - the feeling and meaning behind these binded runes are meant to call out to your minds eye.


Materials & Make

This is a high quality reproduction of an original painting by Ash Harrison of Villkat Arts. It has been printed locally on cotton canvas for integrity of colour, dimension, and presentation of the artwork.

This piece can either be framed or displayed as a standalone piece of art.


About The Artist

Known as Villkat Arts in his tattoo work, Ash is celebrated globally for his ability to communicate the shamanistic and spiritual components of the ancient world through his artistry. With a focus on Celtic and Nordic symbolism, Ash’s intention and energy shines through in each of his works, creating a connection between the viewer (or wearer) and the depth of meaning within these art styles. The journey of re-discovering his Northern European heritage is part of Ash’s artistic journey and can be seen in his woodwork, pyrography, painting, and tattoo work.

See more of the art Ash has created for Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

25 x25 cm (9.5 x 9.5 Inches)