Badger King Pins (Full Series)

  • £25.00

The full series of Enamel Pins made by Badger King Tattoo are now available exclusively through Northern Fire. The 3 pins represent different areas of Norse myth and legend: Odin, Ragnar and The Raven Banner.

The first picture shows the father of the gods who is known by many names... Odin, All Father, the masked one… Broc chose to design a godmask for Odin, which seemed fitting given that one of his many names is Grímnir or the masked one.

The second is Badger King’s own tribute to a Viking hero, Ragnar, about whose demise many songs and stories have already been written. Legend has it that Ragnar finally met his death at the hands of the Northumbrian King Aelle in England after being cast into a snake pit.

The final pin features Broc's take on the Raven Banner, which appears throughout the Viking age. Perhaps the raven banner contains a link to Odin’s mythical messengers Hugin and Munin; Though and Memory. Which one it is on this enamel pin we will leave up to you…


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