Badb (Battle Crow) Print

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In Irish Mythology Badb (pronounced Byve) Catha, is the 'Battle Crow' who tore the bodies of the slain in the form of a black crow.
She is one of the three daughters of the fire shaped Delbaeth, son of Ogma (inventor of Ogham writing); her mother was Ernmas the daughter of Etarlam. Badb was a harbinger of doom and a shapeshifter, who could transform into a crow. As a crow, she would fly and shriek fury over the battle. Badb Catha, Macha, and Nemain together make up the Triple Goddess Morrígan. Their vast magical mastery sent clouds of mist and showers of red blood on the heads of the Firbolg. Giving them no rest for three days and nights


Printed on 250 gsm uncoated art board.

Size: Available in A3 or A4

No frame included (the photo is to demonstrate how it could be done)