Axe Head Pendant

  • £40.00

This is the first piece released through Northern Fire by Kai Uwe Faust of Heilung and Kunsten På Kroppen.

His concept for these runic axe head pendants has been carved, cast and finished by Sean Parry of Sacred Knot Tattoo in a collaborative effort of artistry.

The inscriptions seen on this piece were found etched into an amulet discovered in Gorodishche, Russia. Now housed in the Novgorod Museum (alongside several rune carvings on bone from the same area) the original pendant is testament to the unique formations of the Futhark alphabets, and is evidence of the personal use of the runes by ancient peoples.

Usually its story sits quietly behind a display case, but Kai was inspired to bring the essence of this amulet to the present day through this effort with Sean. In honour of the artifact, runic inscriptions have been carved into both sides, and the axe head shape represents the amplification of these symbols through the ages.

Each amulet is hand cast in shining pewter and finished entirely by hand, without the aid of modern machinery.

They measure 8 cm by 4.5 cm (3 x 2 inches) and come on an adjustable cotton cord.