Ancient Stones Canvas

  • £125.00

Ancient stones is the first in a new series by Villkat Arts. The original painting was created using acrylic on canvas 100 x 50cm but has been reduced slightly in size for the print. This canvas is made exclusively for Northern Fire and therefore only a limited number will ever be printed.

The piece was inspired by the mysterious standing stones left behind by our ancestors. The stones you see aren’t based on any particular stone circle, the composition has come from looking within and connecting to an inner spirit in meditation.

A visionary scene looking through ferns to a plateau of illuminated stones with a back drop of silhouetted forest and awe inspiring night sky. This piece is a about an energetic connection to the spirit of these monuments left to us. It is Villkat's belief that there is much more to these stones than we see today, with a psychedelic perspective they are more alive than we know; giving and receiving a subtle energy while we connect with them. Villkat wants to invite you to a vision of light and energy that surround this magnificent relics. Illuminated Spirals, light orbs & beams of energy transfer between the stones and the hidden geometry that connect the universe. If you step through the threshold into the psychedelic world by experiencing a journey with our lands native entheogen’s this is what you may see.

This piece is finished with a border of Celtic inspired knotwork, like threads that connect the material and spiritual worlds..

Thank you for coming on a journey into this psychedelic realm.

The Ancient Stones Print measures 81 x 45cm and is printed on canvas.