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Many more artists to be announced ;)


Sean Parry is the founder and main artist at Sacred Knot Tattoo. Having grown up in North Wales on a mountain peninsula called the Great Orme, his love of celtic and Norse culture, history and art fuels his tattooing and painting. He specialises in celtic and norse neo-traditional dotwork, aiming to capture the magic of knotwork and spirals that the ancient inhabitants of the North where also so fond of.

Broc Ó Diolúin, or the Badger King, is a tattoo artist specialising in Celtic and Nordic art-styles. A love of myth, history and nature is prominent in his work and he tries to create art which brings ancient worlds to life for a modern audience. 
With a background in zoology and a deep knowledge of Irish and Viking mythology, The Badger King joined the Sacred Knot family in 2017 and currently works from a studio in Llandudno, Wales.
Villkat Arts on Nothern Fire
Inspired by the Ancients. 
"My art is a journey of re-discovering Northern European heritage from within. Moved by the mystery of the standing stones and the legacy of Celtic & Norse art and symbolism, paired with the spiritual & shamanic practices they may have had. 
Thank you for taking a look at my creations. Positive Vibes".
Gloria is the most recent addition to Sacred Knot Tattoo where she is training to become a tattoo artist. A self taught artist, she developed a passion for art from an early age and developed her style through her love of Celtic and Nordic art over the last couple of years.
Sean Fitzpatrick on Northern Fire
Sean Fitzgerald lives in a remote area of the North West of Ireland, where it has an ancient forbidding mythology, as well as foregone ritualistic ceremonies. His art investigates these and the darker elements from Celtic mythology, folk magic, arcane ogham symbols, and pre-Christian Ireland.
Hamish from Pictavia leather is now working with Northern Fire


We pride ourselves on working with the best artists in their field and in leatherwork, there are few better at working with leather than Pictavia.

Run by Hamish Lamley, Pictavia is based in Central Scotland and has been producing high quality bags, wallets, sporrans and more for a number of years. All leatherwork is done by hand and Hamish also creates custom items here. In the words of the artist himself;
"Leatherwork is my connection to the past. It is my way to solve problems as our ancestors did, to work at my own pace and see the world as they did. When I take knife, needle and thread to leather, it is with the same techniques that leather craftsmen have used for thousands of years as I explore Iron age and early Medieval leatherworking methods and tools alongside their contemporary counterparts. There is the inherent challenge of trying to solve a problem using only the most basic of tools. It is my passion to recreate ancient Norse and Pictish stone carvings, bringing the old medium back to life in leather, and to research and produce historic replicas based on archaeological finds."
Habba Nero is now working with Northern Fire
Habba Nero is an Icelandic tattoo artist who specialises in hand poking and especially in the magical staves which are so unique to Iceland. In the past years she has worked guest-spots and conventions in the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, France, England, Scotland and the United States.
Sigurbodi Gretarsson is now working with Northern Fire
Sigurboði Grétarsson is an Icelandic musician and skald who has worked with the likes of Danheim, Heldom & Rúnfell.
He is also an artist who works on a variety of projects, most recently including hand carving horns.


Colin Dale of Skin & Bone is one of the legends of modern Nordic tattooing. 

He first began as an apprentice in 1991 at Kunsten pa Kroppen (now run by Kai Uwe Faust). After several years of learning the basic skills of hand and machine tattooing Colin began travelling again to destinations as far away as French Polynesia... exchanging and discussing techniques with tattoo masters from Borneo, Samoa and Tahiti. Colin's research has helped to reintroduce the lost tattooing techniques of the Nordic, Native American and Inuit cultures. His work has been illustrated in various books, magazines and documentary programs.
It is an honour to have him on board and we are excited to share some of his art with you!
Vitor Gonzalez on Northern Fire
Vitor Gonzalez is the author of Art Of The North and is highly respected amongst the Nordic and Celtic art worlds. As well as his book, you can buy some of his artwork here as well.
The Saxon Storyteller on Northern Fire
Anglo Saxon, Celtic & Norse inspired illustrator.
Thursarn on Northern Fire
A fantastic photographer summed up best in her own words "I like to roam around ancient places". Thankfully, she also takes amazing photos of them!
Jay Massie photography on Northern Fire
We first met Jay over a decade ago in Manchester and he is one of those annoying people who excels at everything they put their mind to... After years as an excellent guitarist and sound engineer, he has been developing his photography skills and the results are pretty spectacular! You can also see his work on some of the products on the website as he massively improved the images on our website as well. You can check out his instagram work here as well.