Northern Fire Artists & Creators

Sean Parry | Sacred Knot Tattoo | Northern Fire Founder & Director

Sean Parry Portrait by Jay Massie

Sean Parry is the owner and lead artist of Sacred Knot Tattoo, as well as a founding member of the Northern Fire Art Collective. He specialises in Celtic and Nordic arts and lives and works from his hometown of Llandudno in North Wales. Sean’s projects incorporate knotwork, swirls, and beasts inspired and mirroring those found in the historical record - a reflection of his passion for archaeology and ancient iconography. Though he is well known for his mastery as a tattooist, his work with paint, leather, and precious metals are also part of his artistic endeavours. (Image: Jay Massie)



Annemieke Van Barlingen | Blue Fern Arts
Blue Fern Arts on the Northern Fire collective

 Annemieke van Barlingen, known as Blue Fern Arts, is a Belgium-based traditionally inspired multi-media artist. Her illustrations and paintings guide the viewer into realms of folklore and mythology. One can easily find themselves lost in the layers of story and symbolism that wind themselves through her original pieces. However, Annemieke’s artistry expands beyond illustration into craftwork, where she flexes her talents as a bookbinder, seamstress, and costume designer.


Ash Harrison | Villkat Arts
Ash Harrison sitting woodburning in the dark in profile
Known as Villkat Arts in his tattoo work, Ash Harrison is celebrated globally for his ability to communicate the shamanistic and spiritual components of the ancient world through his artistry. With a focus on Celtic and Nordic symbolism, Ash’s intention and energy shines through in each of his works, creating a connection between the viewer (or wearer) and the depth of meaning within these art styles. The journey of re-discovering his Northern European heritage is part of Ash’s artistic journey and can be seen in his woodwork, pyrography, painting, and tattoo work. (Image: Paris Daniel-Wharton) 



Asta Harbo | Thursarn
 Asta Harbo is a Scandinavian photographer with a deep connection to the landscape and heritage of her home. Her work provokes thought regarding rites and ancient perspective about some of the most profound locations across Europe. Her ability to share her personal fascination with these sites is captured with a raw yet inquisitive display of colour and deeply authentic tone. Prints by Asta are available in her Northern Fire Shop, and you can see more of her work on her page, Thursarn.



Broc Ó Diolúin | Badger King Tattoo
Broc standing in front of an old Irish church and Ogham stone
 Broc Ó Diolúin, known as The Badger King within his tattoo work, is renowned for his work with Celtic and Nordic art styles. His creations and knowledge also manifest in a project known as Badger Horns, where he shares stories and mythology related to Celtic folklore. Though he calls Llandudno in North Wales his home, Broc’s dedication to the Irish  language and lore is apparent in his work with the ancient script of Ogham, as well as his mastery of the artistic styles seen within the Book of Kells.



Colin Dale | Skin & Bone Tattoo

Colin Dale sitting at a desk drawing 

Colin Dale is an artist of legendary reputation; his work with Neo-Nordic and indigenous tattoo communities has inspired artists globally, and his tattoos continue to be honoured as some of the most original and profound pieces in the field. Rooted in respect for traditional methods, Colin’s technique honours ancient practices from Europe and beyond. With wisdom collected from tattoo masters in Borneo, Tahiti, and Samoa, Colin’s personal history with Inuit and First Nations people of North America has allowed him to utilise techniques that were sometimes hidden or lost for centuries. Clients travel globally to have their skin marked by Colin in his studio, Skin & Bone Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we are honoured to share his designs on clothing, enamel pins, and prints through Northern Fire.



Ed Gamester | The Guild

Ed Gamester kneeling on a grassy hill overlooking the ocean

Ed Gamester is a strongman, professional wrestler, actor, and musician. As a writer, he shares his overwhelming creativity and humble philosophies. As an individual that harbours deep introspection and drive to be his best self, many have found wisdom and personal strength in his pieces. Recently, he has also painted several of his pieces inspired by his life philosophies. You can find Ed’s art and literature on Northern Fire here or look at Ed’s website for more of his “Ed-ventures.”



Gloria Notarangelo | Dyrs Hjarta Art
Gloria Notarangelo of Dyrs Hjarta Art portrait
 Gloria Notarangelo, known in her work as Dyrs Hjarta Art, commands attention with her bold linework and traditional methods of dotwork. Her knowledge of Nordic artistry allows her to create imagery based on the historical artifacts she has admired over the years, bringing to life traditional styles and symbolism in order to tell stories through her work. To friends and family she is known as a nurturing plant-lover, though she is most often wielding a tattoo gun as a full-time professional artist with Sacred Knot Tattoo in North Wales. You’ll find handcrafted goods, original paintings, prints, pins, and jewellery by Gloria on Northern Fire.
(Image: Jay Massie)



Hamish Lamley | Pictavia Leather

Hamish Lamley of Pictavia Leather standing in front of a river in a handmade leather jacket, hands in pockets

Hamish Lamley founded Pictavia Leather in the heart of Scotland, where the Picts themselves resided during the Early Middle Ages. His mastery of traditional leathercraft offers a glimpse into this ancient world, and Hamish’s work is praised globally for his accuracy and impact on the archaeological interpretation. Aside from the creations that come from his workshop, Hamish also teaches leatherworking courses and offers presentations and demonstrations at historical sites across Europe. You can find more of his custom offerings on his personal website, Pictavia Leather.



Hrafnhildur | Habba Nero Tattoo  
Habba Nero portrait by Sunna Ben in black and white
 Hrafnhildur is known for her work as an Icelandic handpoke tattooist Habba Nero, although her artistry is not confined to skin. Paired with her education (as a graduated scholar from the Iceland Academy of Arts), Habba’s innate artistic abilities have allowed her to master everything from realistic imagery to the nuances of Icelandic magical staves. Her artwork can be found globally, on human flesh, sheep skulls and wood (to name just a few mediums) and the esoteric and striking beauty of her style is clearly distinguishable. You can find more details of her work on the Habba Nero artist website.
(Image: Sunna Ben)



Jamie Massie | Photographer
Jay Massie portrait of side profile golding the collar of his jacket at his jawline, black and white
 The photography of Jay Massie comments on the juxtaposition of light to create a richness of imagery. He harbours a keen ability to capture his subjects at their rawest yet most enigmatic form, and while his work ranges from portraits to landscapes, he embeds each image with a feeling of artistic purpose. For this reason, Northern Fire has worked with Jay on several collaborative products, and we are honoured to have his work feature some of the products of other creators. You can purchase his prints here in our shop. 


Jannicke Wiese-Hansen | Nidhogg Tattoo

Jannicke Wiese-Hansen standing with arms crossed in a portrait pose

Without question, Jannicke Wiese-Hansen of Nidhogg Tattoo is one of the most skilled, profound, and prolific members of the Nordic art community. Her pieces appear across a number of iconic black metal albums as both logos and cover art, and her work as a renowned tattooist attracts global clientele to Nidhogg Tattoo who seek wood-cut style Nordic designs that only she can create on skin. In the rare case that you may not have seen Jannicke’s art before now, we hope you enjoy the images she’s created for clothing, jewellery, and print for Northern Fire. 


Kai-Uwe Faust | Kunsten på Kroppen | Heilung
Kai Uwe-Faust standing in front of a megalithic dolmen with hands in pockets
 Known widely as a founding member and vocalist of Heilung, Kai’s pioneering work in the Nordic tattoo community earned him respect for years prior to the band’s first releases. As the successor to Kunsten på Kroppen, Kai’s artistry is not only renowned for its quality, but the thoughtful intent with which he imbues ink into the skin. The artwork Kai will be sharing through Northern Fire is crafted with the same profound depth seen in all his endeavors. Here you’ll find his designs for clothing, jewellery, and prints. 



Max Freeman | Great Ash Forge   
Max Freeman standing on the edge of a cliff in portrait pose looking off to the side
 Max Freeman of Great Ash Forge is an accomplished blacksmith whose products range from historical recreations to artistic endeavours with sculpting. From spear heads to fire dogs and jewellery, Max’s mastery of his craft becomes apparent in the diversity of objects he creates, and is fuelled by his interest in Nordic and Celtic history. Within his Northern Fire collection, you’ll find a range of his crafts, all hammered by hand and forged in fire. (Image: Jay Massie)



Paula Cruz | Artist 

Paula Cruz staning on a hill in front of a large scenic lake, hair blowing in wind  

Paula Cruz is a tattoo artist specialising in historic Nordic art styles and is known for her extreme attention to detail and authenticity. Her creations are born of a humble relationship with Norse symbolism and are sharpened through her work as a re-enactor, traditional tattooist, and versatile artisan. Currently she works with Meatshop Tattoo, but on Northern Fire, you’ll find wooden pyrography, prints, and original art by Paula. 


Saxon Storyteller | Artist
Saxon Storyteller logo of bindrunes
 The Saxon Storyteller is an illustrator known for his incredible ability to capture the character and theme of artifacts and historical figures. Reminiscent of Saxon and Viking iconography, his subject matter ranges from members of the lore (such as Ragnar Lothbrok) to those of Tolkien (like Gandalf and other members of the Fellowship). You may also recognize his work as the key illustrator of the Nordic Mythology Podcast, where his images appear unique to each episode and its content. On Northern Fire, you can find the artwork of Saxon Storyteller on clothing, prints, and pins.



Sean Fitzgerald | Artist 
Sean Fitzgerald 
Seán Fitzgerald resides in a remote region of North-West Ireland, where he manifests his artwork from a deep connection with his ancestry. His pieces are defined by striking detail and a timeless narrative, sharing his intimate knowledge of Irish mythology. Within his work, he evokes both ancient and familiar emotion from viewers, giving faces to many characters of lore in a raw yet whimsical expression of artistry. Seán offers clothing, prints, and jewellery through Northern Fire.



Shaun Hogan | Shogan Tattoo
Shaun Hogan standing with hands clasped in front of stormy skies and a stone wall
Shaun Hogan is a tattooist and artist inspired by his Scottish heritage and the Channel Islands. Inhabited by Gauls, various Celtic tribes, the Romans and the Norse, the island of Jersey (in the Channel Islands) was named by the Nordic peoples and harbours an abundance of historical treasures and art forms as evidence of its occupation. The clash of cultures meeting and merging on this small but significant island has influenced his ever evolving style, and you can find his work as a tattooist reflective of this history.



Sigurboði Gretarsson | Artist
Sigurbodi in an orange wool hat smoking a pipe
Sigurboði Grétarsson is an Icelandic musician, tattooist, and artisan. Having collaborated with other prominent artists (such as Vévaki, Danheim, Heldom, Urspring, Munknörr, and Rúnfell), his work extends to the skin while he tattoos alongside his fiance Hrafnhildur (known as the tattoo artist Habba Nero). However, his specialty with handcraft applies to horns, which he has been carving for almost a decade in the Viking Age art styles familiar to so many. For more on Sigurboði, feel free to check out our blog on his dynamic artistry.



Stuart Cameron | Woodworking Artist
Stuart Cameron standing in a tent in historic Viking Age garb
  Stuart Cameron incorporates his knowledge of history with his work as an experienced woodcarver. His time at Viking markets and frequents to ancient sites within the UK give his work a flavour of authenticity rarely found in standard woodworking shops. His meticulous attention to detail and traditional tooling methods are what offer the defined yet raw style to his clients. On his Northern Fire page, you’ll find decorative and practical items crafted with care by Stuart.



Vitor Gonzalez | Artist
Vitor Gonzalez art logo with red viking age designed man with spear and knotwork
 Vítor González is well-known for his work in the Nordic and Celtic artistic communities, having authored The Art Of The North. His work to create this book and the incredible commissioned pieces of art he’s crafted are testament to the extensive research and care with which he illustrates. There are few artists that can match the intent with which Vítor works, which is why we are honoured to carry his impactful book as well as several art pieces in print.