Sri Yantra | Fine Art Painting in Rock Pigments

  • £200.00

This is designed after an ancient Hindu cosmic symbol which aids the meditator to connect with inner sacred energies (Chakras). 


Material & Make

The artwork you will receive is the original piece. It was hand painted using rock pigments and comes on a cotton canvas stretched over a wooden frame backing. Please know that our images intend to capture the colour to the best of our ability, but can’t always display the exact nuances of texture and tint within the artwork. If you have concerns about this, please try viewing on different monitors to make sure your computer or phone is giving you the best representation.


About The Artist

Simon Wintle is a painted who uses hand-made pigments from rocks foraged in Anglesey and Llyn Peninsula.

Size & Dimensions

50 x 50cm (19.5 x 19.5 inches)