Saxon Storyteller's A4 Print Series 2

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Buy the latest 3 of The Saxon Storyteller A4 prints for £30. The prints include depictions of different areas of British history during the Saxon age:


- 9 Days:

In his relentless pursuit of wisdom, the one eyed god is depicted wounded by spear and hanging upon Yggdrasil with the severed head of Mimir within it's roots. It is said that he remained in this state for 9 days and 9 nights and in doing so learned the secrets of the runes...

- Boar Warriors:

The boar was a powerful symbol amongst the Germanic people who settled in Britain during the 5th Century. To the Anglo-Saxons, it was a symbol of strength and virility and its image has been known to adorn their helmets.

This piece is a re-imagining of one of the Torslunda plates depicting boar helmed warriors but the idea of the boar appears several times in the archaeological record (such as the Sutton Hoo helm and the Staffordshire hoard helmet) and even in literature like the iconic Beowulf poem.

- The Spear Dancer & Berserker:

In sages from the Viking age including the Völsunga, Úlfhéðnar are said to have performed remarkable feats that would be beyond the abilities of any normal warrior.

We have all heard tales in popular culture of berserkers who in the heat of battle would enter a trance-like state when fighting. Similarly, it is said in the sagas that an Úlfhéðinn would enter battle wearing the skin of a wolf rather than any form of armour.

This design is loosely based on the Vendel era Torslunda plates, one eyed spear god Woden leads the Wolf Warrior (Úlfhéđnar) into battle. 

In the archaeological record, an Úlfhéðinn is also depicted in the Vendel period on a helmet found on Öland in Sweden.


Material & Make

The artwork you will receive has been created locally and is printed using high quality inks and paper to maintain integrity and quality of colour and image.

Your print will arrive on 250gsm uncoated art board and should be handled with care. It’s preferable to only touch the edges and we recommend mounting these in a frame behind glass.


About The Artist

Anglo Saxon, Celtic & Norse inspired illustrator. You can see more of Matt's work available on Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

A4 (210 x 297mm / 8.3 x 11.7 inches)