Hand Carved Nordic Snake

  • £425.00

The serpent can be found easily within ancient Nordic culture and tends to be associated with power. From the binding of Loki, where he is tortured with snake venom, to the death of Ragnar at the hands of King Aelle in a snake pit, there is a sense of finality surrounding this beast.

Many serpents in Nordic art may depict specific beasts such as Fafnir, Nidhogg, or Jormungandr.

Material & Make

This piece was hand carved with traditional methods and blades, through no use of modern machinery.


About The Artist

Stuart Cameron incorporates his knowledge of history with his work as an experienced woodcarver. His time at Viking markets and frequents to ancient sites within the UK give his work a flavour of authenticity rarely found in standard woodworking shops. His meticulous attention to detail and traditional tooling methods are what offer the defined yet raw style to his clients.

On his Northern Fire page, you’ll find decorative and practical items crafted with care by Stuart.


Size & Dimensions

30cm x 23cm x 3cm (12 x 9 x 1 inches)