Celtic Stag T-Shirt (Am dam secht ndírend)

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Stags and deer have great significance to Celtic deities and people,
with carious stories of the Cailleach, Sadhbh, Gilfaethwy and Gwydion
shapeshifting into them throughout folklore and mythology.

When the Druid and poet of the Milesians, Amergin Glúngheal was
landing in Kemare bay, in Co. Kerry, they gave an incantation known
as the “Song of Amergin” which is found in 'Lebar Gabála Érenn' (The
Book of Invasions). It includes the line "Am dam secht ndírend", "dam"
can mean either bull or stag depending on the translation of Old
Irish. “I am the stag of seven tines (antlers)” or ” I am the bull of
seven fights”. I liked the idea of the Stag of Seven Antlers, and
wanted to draw something up to represent the stag as well as Amergin's

Am gaeth i m-muir
Am tond trethan
Am fuaim mara
Am dam secht ndírend

I am the wind in a sea

I am a wave of fury
I am the sound of an ocean
I am a stag of seven antlers

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This design is hand printed by Northern Fire and available in unisex organic cotton t-shirt.  All designs are sharp, high quality screen prints on ethically sourced organic cotton using water based inks. For more information on why we have chosen these environmentally friendly options, you can read more here.

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