Isle of Man Mjolnir Vest

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Mjolnir is one of the symbols most associated with the Vikings in the modern age. This depiction of the god Thor’s hammer has been created by Sacred Knot Tattoo following a visit to the Isle of Man. 

This is a design I made after studying the Kirk Micheal stone no.117 on the Isle of Man. All of the stone carvings on the island that depict the Norse pagan beliefs also include an equal (but more usually heavier) Christian influence. Yet the artists that worked with these ideas clearly had a deep knowledge of their pagan past and the symbolism that came with it. I made this Mjolnir t-shirt design using the knotwork, dragons and layout of the Kirk Micheal cross as an imaginative take on how the artist/artists might have designed a stone in the shape of Thor’s hammer, the great Smasher.” 

Sean Parry, Sacred Knot Tattoo


Product Information: 

All designs are sharp, high quality screen prints on ethically sourced organic cotton. This Fruit Of The Loom Vest is designed to fit. If you prefer a looser fitting Vest, we would recommend considering the next size up.


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UK/EU Size
US Size  Dimensions
Small XS
37" / 97 cm
Medium Small
40" / 102 cm
Large Medium
43" / 109 cm
XL Large
46" / 117 cm
XXL XL 49" / 124 cm


In the picture, our model, Ed, is wearing a large and Lara a small. Please check the dimensions are correct for you as sizes differ between regions.