Wodens Knot Enamel Pin

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This enamel pin design by The Saxon Storyteller features a 3 pointed knot to celebrate the god Woden who's name still appears in every day life through the origin of the day Wednesday. 

Woden was widely known as a god of war to the early Medievil cultures of Northern Europe, but he was important also as a god of learning, of poetry, and of magic. The king of the Anglo-Saxon gods was Woden, and whilst it is an oversimplification to say he was a German version of the Scandinavian god Odin, he did have two pet wolves and a horse with eight legs...


Material & Make

Our pins are crafted in solid metal with enamel detailing and a sturdy pin for security of closure and longevity.


About The Artist

Anglo Saxon, Celtic & Norse inspired illustrator. You can see more of Matt's work available on Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

Rough diameter of 5cm (2 inches)