Pins, Patches & Jewellery

A selection of hand crafted jewellery, Enamel Pins and patches made of leather and fabric by the artists of Northern Fire.


The designs you can see are a mixture of Nordic or Celtic symbols, freehand designs and recreations of archaeological finds.

Mari Lwyd Horse Skull | Enamel Pin
Snowdon Cat | Enamel Pin
Raven Banner | Enamel Pin
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Bronze Age Triskele | Enamel Pin
Odin Godmask | Enamel Pin
Valknut | Enamel Pin
Úlfhéðinn | Enamel Pin
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Pictish Boar | Enamel Pin
Rædwald's Helm | Enamel Pin
Ragnar’s Bane | Enamel Pin
Runic Boar | Enamel Pin
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Sacred Knot - From the Archaeology | Enamel Pin Series
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