Llyn Cerrig Bach Plaque

  • £150.00

This design is taken directly from the Crescent plaque from Llyn Cerrig Bach, Ynys Môn, North Wales.

The plaque, around the size of a dinner plate, was found in a bog along with many other items such as cauldrons, swords, spears, chariots and a gang chain. Some of these items were put in the bog lifetimes apart, so it was a long ongoing practice. The plaque was placed in the bog around 2000 years ago and is thought to be part of a chariot. I disagree. I think it was a torque on a wooden statue. I personally can’t think how this would have been mounted on a chariot axis or any other part of the vehicle and would make more sense to be adorning something where the symbol would have been more visible.

Either way, this is a beautiful example of the motif highly present in British La Téne art of this period. Its true meaning is unknown, so we can only speculate as to what it is and means. To me it looks like a bird, and from studying other art of this period, this is the bird in its young state. The curves and repetitive shapes never cease to fascinate me.

I cannot say this symbol is directly connected to the druids for sure...if they even existed, but if they did they would have been highly familiar with this symbol. It could even have been the symbol at the core of their shared belief system, as it shows up across all of Britain and crossed over the tribal borders of the time period.

The painting is acrylic on canvas. The image may be used at some point in a short series of prints.

Size: 20 by 20cm (8 x 8 inches)