Skin & Bone Odin | Organic T-Shirt

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Odin, All Father, Grímnir, the masked one… The chieftan of the Norse gods is known by many names and similarly, has been depicted in many different ways by artists inspired by the mythology.

As we all know, Odin, sacrificed one of his eyes in exchange for wisdom and Colin Dale of Skin & Bone Tattoo has chosen to focus on that aspect of his story for this T-Shirt design. 

We have chosen to share this artwork on a white T-Shirt to highlight the dot work shading which really brings the character to life.


Material & Make

This t-shirt is printed in the UK on ethically sourced 100% organic cotton. The design is rendered in the highest quality of detail for sharpness and longevity of wear.

For more information about our commitment to sustainability, you can keep up to date with what we are doing within the collective on our environmental page.


About The Artist

Colin Dale is an artist of legendary reputation; his work with Neo-Nordic and indigenous tattoo communities has inspired artists globally, and his tattoos continue to be honoured as some of the most original and profound pieces in the field. Rooted in respect for traditional methods, Colin’s technique honours ancient practices from Europe and beyond. With wisdom collected from tattoo masters in Borneo, Tahiti, and Samoa, Colin’s personal history with Inuit and First Nations people of North America has allowed him to utilise techniques that were sometimes hidden or lost for centuries. Clients travel globally to have their skin marked by Colin in his studio, Skin & Bone Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we are honoured to share his designs on clothing, enamel pins, and prints through Northern Fire.

Find more of Colin's art within his Northern Fire Artist Collection.


Size & Dimensions

This Gildan T-Shirt is designed to fit so if you prefer a looser fitting T-Shirt, we would recommend considering the next size up.

UK/EU Size
Chest Dimensions
35" / 89 cm
38" / 97 cm
43" / 109 cm
50" / 119 cm
XXL 51" / 130 cm


In the picture, Ash is wearing a medium. Please check the dimensions are correct for you as sizes differ between regions.