Oseberg Rattle Replica


Inspired by ceremonial rattles (also known as "rangles") found in the Oseberg burial, Max Freeman from Great Ash Forge has created a modern day version forged from steel with hand crafted wooden handles.

Rattles of the Viking Age offer a glimpse into something that almost always evades us - the sounds these ancient people intentionally created. The Oseberg burial (834 AD) was rare in that it contained two of these rattles, whereas many of the prominent Iron Age graves only contain one.

Alongside the spectacularly well preserved Viking longboat, the excavations at Oseberg in Norway turned up a diverse range of grave goods. The rattles found in here may have had a ceremonial purpose but their function could have also been more prosaic as a musical instrument or even as an early sleigh bell. It is a widely debated topic by scholars and reenactors alike.

Although their purpose is debated, it is certain that these items were a component of ritual soundscapes for the Vikings and their predecessors. More about the Oseberg ship burial here.


Material & Make

This item has been hand forged in England from steel at the Great Ash Forge Smithy. For anyone  unfamiliar with the forging process, this has been created entirely with fire, a hammer and an anvil. Although quite small, this piece took great effort and time to create.

All of Max's raw materials are sourced in the UK.

Because these pieces are hand made, there may be slight variations from the product picture.


About The Artist

Max Freeman of Great Ash Forge is an accomplished blacksmith whose products range from historical recreations to artistic endeavours with sculpting. From spear heads to fire dogs and jewellery, Max’s mastery of his craft becomes apparent in the diversity of objects he creates, and is fuelled by his interest in Nordic and Celtic history.

Within his Northern Fire collection, you’ll find a range of his crafts, all hammered by hand and forged in fire.


Size & Dimensions

Dimensions of the rattle: 30 x 30cm (12 x 12 inches)

Dimensions of the handle: 26cm (10 inches)