Icelandic Stave Pendant

  • £32.00

Hrafnhildur of Habba Nero Tattoo designed this Icelandic stave to be worn as a pendant.

Historically, Icelandic staves were considered functional components of magical practice. They appear most often in 16th century manuscripts, which sometimes include their magical purpose and instructions for use. As an Icelandic handpoke tattooist, Hrafnhildur specialises in stave designs, using both historic and newly crafted staves to imbue meaning in skin. This is the first pendant she has designed with the same intent!

On the back of this pendant, you'll also find a bindrune stave with four dots. This kind of style can be seen as far back as the Bronze Age, when petroglyphs are detailed with dots, or "cups" as many archaeologists call them.


Material & Make

Each piece of jewellery has been polished to a shining finish by a Northern Fire artisan in our workshop in Wales, where we also craft our moulds and hand cast each piece. Our pewter is sourced from Cornwall and has been chosen for its flexibility and shine.

This pendant comes with an adjustable cotton cord.


About The Artist

Habba Nero is known for her work as an Icelandic handpoke tattooist, although her artistry is not confined to skin. Paired with her education (as a graduated scholar from the Iceland Academy of Arts), Habba’s innate artistic abilities have allowed her to master everything from realistic imagery to the nuances of Icelandic magical staves. Her artwork can be found globally, on human flesh, sheep skulls and wood (to name just a few mediums) and the esoteric and striking beauty of her style is clearly distinguishable. You can find more details of her work on the Habba Nero artist website.

For more creations by Hrafnhildur you can visit her Northern Fire collection.


Size & Dimensions

1.5 inches  (4 cm) across.