Mammen Mjolnir Pendant

  • £25.00

Sean Parry of Sacred Knot Tattoo was inspired to design this pendant based on historical representations of Thor's hammer that are found within Viking Age archaeology.

There are two version available. The original Mammen Mjolnir (shown in the first image) has an identical design on the front and back of the pendant. The Minimalist Mjonir (labeled in the images as such) has simple Mammen style knotwork on the front and a dotted design on the back. The back is reminiscent of those found from Viking Age archaeology. While both designs could pass as historically inspired, if you are looking for replicas or something to wear in reenactment, we recommend the Minimalist Mjolnir.

Mjolnir amulets were popular amongst the peoples of the Viking Age, based on the frequency with which these pendants have been discovered in grave finds. It's possible that the popularity it harbours today (as a frequently chosen emblem by many members of the neo-Nordic community) is as strong as that of those who lived during the Viking Age.

This piece was photographed by the incredible Jay Massie, one of the Northern Fire artists whose prints you can purchase on the site. 


Material & Make

Each piece of jewellery has been polished to a shining finish by a Northern Fire artisan in our workshop in Wales, where we also craft our moulds and hand cast each piece. Our pewter is sourced from Cornwall and has been chosen for its flexibility and shine.

This pendant comes on an adjustable cotton cord.


About The Artist

Sean Parry is the owner and lead artist of Sacred Knot Tattoo, as well as a founding member of the Northern Fire Art Collective. He specialises in Celtic and Nordic arts and lives and works from his hometown of Llandudno in North Wales. Sean’s projects incorporate knotwork, swirls, and beasts inspired and mirroring those found in the historical record - a reflection of his passion for archaeology and ancient iconography. Though he is well known for his mastery as a tattooist, his work with paint, leather, and precious metals are also part of his artistic endeavours.

See more of the art Sean has created for Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

Approximately 2 inches ( 5 cm ) from bezel to tip.