Copper Boar Pendant

  • £25.00

Boars are found in Celtic art across the ages. They appear in the stone carvings of ancient Pictland, the warrior helms on the Gundestrup cauldron, and are even splayed across the shining La Tène Witham Shield. Many carnyces of the Iron Age Celts (instruments designed for organised intimidation) also intentionally bear the faces of these beasts.

It is no wonder that boars, known for their determined attack and fierce protective qualities, were affiliated with wartime strength of the ancients.

Seán Fitzgerald brings this beast into a modern context as a copper talisman to protect and imbue strength upon the wearer.


Material & Make

This pendant comes on an adjustable gold-toned chain with a lobster clasp closure.

Each is made in the United Kingdom from antique copper (sourced from the British Isles) as a 3D die-cast.


About The Artist

Seán Fitzgerald resides in a remote region of North-West Ireland, where he manifests his artwork from a deep connection with his ancestry. His pieces are defined by striking detail and a timeless narrative, sharing his intimate knowledge of Irish mythology. Within his work, he evokes both ancient and familiar emotion from viewers, giving faces to many characters of lore in a raw yet whimsical expression of artistry. Seán offers clothing, prints, and jewellery through Northern Fire.

You can find more of Sean's art available through Northern Fire here.


Size & Dimensions

The pendant measures around 3.5 cm (1.5 inches) across.