The Crannog Bag

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The Crannog Bag by Pictavia Leather.

This is Pictavia's interpretation of the bag remains unearthed at Loch Glashan Crannog site in the West of Scotland. A Crannog is an ancient roundhouse built over a Loch, either on stilts or on built up mounds. They are found throughout Scotland and Ireland, dating from the bronze age and some still being inhabited up until the 18th century AD.

The Loch Glashan Crannog where the bag was found was dated approx 6-9C AD, and is located in what would have been the Early Medieval Kingdom of Dalriada, inhabited by Gaels (or Scots).

People have always needed bags to keep their most needed items to hand. This is how they made them in Scotland (or at least how one leatherworker was making them) in the early medieval period.

Material & Make

This bag is made from bark tanned cowskin, hand tooled with early medieval techniques with slightly different takes on a carving of a bird found in the Book of Kells and finished with an ancient recipe blend of natural waxes and oils.

Made in Scotland


About The Artist

Run by Hamish Lamley, Pictavia is based in Central Scotland and has been producing high quality bags, wallets, sporrans and more for a number of years. All leatherwork is done by hand and Hamish also creates custom items here. In the words of the artist himself;

"Leatherwork is my connection to the past. It is my way to solve problems as our ancestors did, to work at my own pace and see the world as they did. When I take knife, needle and thread to leather, it is with the same techniques that leather craftsmen have used for thousands of years as I explore Iron age and early Medieval leatherworking methods and tools alongside their contemporary counterparts. There is the inherent challenge of trying to solve a problem using only the most basic of tools. It is my passion to recreate ancient Norse and Pictish stone carvings, bringing the old medium back to life in leather, and to research and produce historic replicas based on archaeological finds." 

You can see more of Hamish's art available on Northern Fire here.
Size & Dimensions

19cm (7.5 inches) wide, 23cm (9 inches) long and 6cm (2.5 inches) deep