Northern Fire: 1st Year Anniversary

As we all are forced to slow down due to the Coronavirus, it is a great time to take stock, finish off some projects and even to reflect.


I realised that our first full year as a company is about to draw to a close and although we are still quite young, I feel that a lot has happened in that time!


We have been lucky enough to work with some great artists in the collective and being part of a group like Northern Fire has definitely fuelled inspiration in some!

Pyrography by Villkat arts for northern fire
Villkat Arts burning his designs into wood through pyrography 
Dyrs Hjarta art forest scene for Northern Fire
Gloria putting many, many dots into canvas for her Forest Scene
Sacred knot tattoo making leather belt for northern fire
Sean from Sacred Knot pressing designs into leather
Photography by Jamie Massie for Northern Fire
Exploring new worlds through photography with Jamie Massie



We performed as a group of Vikings at the Winter Lights Festival in Llandudno in November. Our role was pretty much to shout and sing while we marched alongside a flaming longboat down the Main Street...

Northern fire at the Llandudno winter lights parade 2019
Llandudno winter lights festival 2019


We have been in contact with historians and learned a lot in the process. We released our first blog on tattooing in the Viking age after Sean interviewed Professor Neil Price:

Neil price interview with northern fire Viking tattooing
Image by Sean Parry for the blog. Read more here.


We attended the Jorvik festival in York despite some appalling weather and flooding in the city. Sean gave a talk on Viking art for our good friends at Asgard Crafts. We have collaborated with Asgard in creating our Hiberno Norse bracelet in the past and have a number of exciting projects planned for the future...

Merchant Adventurers Hall, York

River Ouse in flood, York
The Merchant Adventurers Hall in York and an extremely full river Ouse flooding the Kings Arms pub


We made some music in a cave... and upstairs in the Sacred Knot studio:

Sean Parry of Sacred Knot and Sigurbodi at northern fire
Sean Parry singing with Sigurbodi.
Northern fire music at sacred knot tattoo

Some of the night at Sacred Knot was recorded and we will be bringing you the results soon....



To celebrate, we are holding a competition on Instagram and Facebook with the winner announced on 26th May, the date of our first post! To enter, simply share the post and click “like” and we will draw the lucky winners at random!

1st Prize: Your choice of the small canvas paintings by Sacred Knot,

2nd Prize: The Ulfheddin Hoody by Dyrs Hjarta Art,

3rd Prize: Your choice of T-Shirt / Vest by Sacred Knot, Villkat Arts or Badger King Tattoo.

As well as the main prizes listed, we will probably throw in a few little bits and pieces as well for the winners as it is our birthday after all!


Finally, a huge thank you to all of the amazing artists that we have had the pleasure of working with. It is an honour to showcase your work and I for one can’t wait to see what you create next 😊


Written by Duncan Reed 


  • Posted by Josh martin on

    The paintings are awesome! Keep it up!

  • Posted by Nadine Simmons on

    Great to hear what you guys have been up to this year, and was very honoured to have crossed paths a few times too ;)

  • Posted by Xavier Lowsley on

    It’s so cool how this collective is developing. Can’t wait to learn more about it when I see you guys in June. Take care 🌞

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